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Do You Have Atychiphobia?

We have all heard lots of terms involving “phobia” at the end of the term.  Here is one that most of us have not heard of before: ATYCHIPHOBIA.  And unlike many other “phobias” such as fear of heights, fear of being in closed spaces, fear of germs and others, I believe all of us have ATYCHIPHOBIA to a lesser or greater extent.  What Is ATYHCHIPHOBIA?  It is the FEAR of Failure.

There are many reasons why we all (or at least most of us) have the fear of failure.  These include:

  • Being fearful that failing at what we are attempting will harm our self-esteem
  • Being fearful that failing at some professional level will harm our chances to grow financially
  • Being fearful that our failure to increase our income will hurt our families
  • Being fearful that our failure will be looked at critically by others

There are many other reasons why we have a fear of failure.

Now, specifically focusing on our own weight control efforts.  Quite often, people will not even begin a weight control effort due to fear of failure.  Some of the reasons will include:

  • Fear that our past history of failed attempts will be a predictor that any other new initiative will fail as well
  • Fear that we will spend money and time on weight control efforts and that $$$ will be pissed away
  • Fear that other people will find out and if we are not successful, we will be silently ridiculed
  • Fear that even if we lose weight, the weight will go back on over time
  • Fear that any medications we may use to help with weight loss will hurt us


The atychiphobia centered around weight loss efforts will often paralyze us into not taking any action at all.  This, of course, will result in no chance ever for shedding the weight.  As per the hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, you cannot score if you do not take a shot.

So, my message today: We all must overcome our atychiphobia about embarking on a weight control effort.  By doing so, we have a chance for a happier and healthier life.

And let’s not shed any tears for our fears…but we can enjoy a 1985 Tears For Fears song…

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