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Do You Have Hiding Spots?

Most of us have seen movies, especially in the comedy genre, when characters are caught “hiding” foods/alcohol/drugs or other “harmful” things from their spouses/significant others.  The reason why these items are being hidden:  Because the characters have sworn to their special person/people that they will no longer engage in self-harm eating/drinking/partying activities.

Life imitates art (hmmm..I believe I have this flipped, but oh, well) and in real life it also is the case that we tend to “hide” things from others lest we broke promises or face critical judgement for engaging in the hidden eating/drinking behaviors.  This “hiding” can be minor in nature from a health standpoint, such as “hiding” pieces of gum, as chewing this will annoy the special person around us.  In the case of an alcoholic hiding booze and then drinking this when no one is observing, this is a much more serious, non-comical scenario.

Concerning weight control, I believe that many of us (including me) have, at times, placed our derailing foods/drinks in places that are “hidden” from others and we will reach for them at times when no one else is observing our activities.  These “hiding spots” can be in the drawers of our work desk, a part of the house that no one else explores, the basement in areas blocked in sight by other stored objects, etc.

During your long-term weight control journey, take a step back and honestly assess whether you have “hiding spots” for your derailing foods/drinks and then take action to remove these derailing items and toss them.

Letters from old flames that you are hiding from your current love?  HIDE THEM REAL GOOD!

And with that ending, how can I not post the old Beatles song, “Ypu’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”.

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