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Do You Have The Correct Balance?

Here are two definitions of the word “BALANCE”:

  • a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.
  • offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another

We often talk about “balancing” our lives, i.e. ensuring that we incorporate work, family time, pursuit of our hobbies, relaxation time etc. into our daily existence.  It is often deemed “unhealthy” if a correct “balance” is not achieved.  For example, “workaholics” that devote pretty much every waking hour to their occupations cannot spend any time with their families and/or pursuing hobbies so their “balance” would appear quite uneven.

Let’s bring this discussion to the weight control arena (what a surprise, huh?):  Losing weight and keeping that weight off requires a “balance” change of source.  Our dietary intake consists of proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits, fats, water, alcohol etc.  When people present with poor weight control, clearly the “balance” of their food intake has led to the problem.  Therefore, a “re-balancing” is required.  In most cases this will require a balance change to include higher levels of protein, vegetables and water intake and diminishing carbohydrates, fruits and alcohol ingestion.

Bringing this discussion of “Balance” to a different concept than food group intake: High caloric foods and alcohol can be looked at as immediately gratifying and fun.  We like to socialize with people and attend fun events that offer up these weight-derailing food and drink items.  “Dieting”, i.e. curtailing those fun foods and drinks is not lots of fun.  However, shedding the weight will bring us to higher levels of health, thereby allowing us more opportunities to avail ourselves of the fun family vacations, gatherings, friends’ nights out etc.

Although in medicine I try hard never to say “never” and never say “always”, I do not believe any of our patients have ever heard me say:  “NEVER eat a carb or have a glass of wine.”  What I will often recommend to our patients:  Take a step back, analyze the “balance” of your food group intake and exercise.  Then a “re-balancing” is required to shed that weight and keep it off.

Life is sort of a balancing act.  Weight control is as well.

The music group, “The Moody Blues” came out with an album in 1970 called “A Question Of Balance”.   Although this is sort of the title of my entry today, here is my favorite Moody Blue’s song: For you old timers like me out there, enjoy “I Know You Are Out There Somewhere.” (Dedicated to those people that are receiving my daily blogs and NOT opening the e-mails!)

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