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Do You Know What Time It Is

Last night we went to a very fun concert in a small town called Hopewell, Virginia.  The theatre was a classic throw-back type of old venue that, together with the aged-look of the town, brought you back to the 60’s-70’s.  Appropriately, the performance was a Chicago tribute band called “Leonid And Friends”.  Their members are Russians and Ukrainians yet if you closed your eyes and listened, they sounded just like to original group, Chicago.  Of the songs they played, probably the most famous Chicago song was “Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?”

The concept of having an awareness of time and time management is extremely important in a successful weight loss journey.  Often, people are so overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities that they do NOT take time to:

  • Plan their meals
  • Slow down their eating
  • Prepare fresh meals as opposed to obtaining fast food from drive throughs
  • Exercise
  • Journal food intake

The list can go on and on and on about how we need to devote quality time to ourselves and our weight control efforts.  If we do not take this time, there is little-no chance of ever being successful.  Try to have a deep awareness of time, how you are spending this time and please attempt to maximize the time as best as possible to heighten your health and wellness.

And how could I possibly end this entry without showing the real group playing their famous song.  Enjoy “Chicago” singing “Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?”…live from Tanglewood, 1970 (I was at the concert!)


Oh, and in case you are curious, check out Leonid And Friends version….

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