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Do You Need A Detox?

When you hear the word, “DETOX” (short for detoxification) what do you immediately think about?  For me, alcohol and drug “DETOX” are the first things to come to my mind.  However, the “DETOX” I am focusing on today is a different type, namely “DIGITAL DETOX”.

The entry today was inspired by a news story I saw this morning while working out.  The yogurt company “Siggi”, announced a contest that sounds quite interesting.  For 10 people chosen, they will win $10,000 IF they can endure having their cell phones taken away and not being to use them for 30 days.   They are referring to this as a “Digital Detox”.

Now, for the overwhelming majority of people, not being able to use their phones for several hours is quite difficult.  30 days?  This would be a quite monumental task.  We all use our mobile phones to:

  • Stay in touch with our spouses/children/other family members, as many people, including me, no longer have land lines
  • Conduct business calls
  • Check our e-mails when we are not in front of our laptops
  • Obtain directions when driving to nee destinations
  • Transfer money, deposit checks, pay bills via banking transactions

The list can go on and on about how vital our phones are to our daily existence.

However, here are other, non-essential ways we use our phones:

  • Checking social media feeds
  • Ordering pizza from Dominos or food delivery from Uber Eats
  • Texting back and forth incessantly with people when a call could save lots of time pecking at texts

This list can go on and on as well as how we use our phones in ways/uses detrimental to our health.

Take a step back and do your own contest:  See if you can go one month with ONLY using your mobile phone for ESSENTIAL functions.  NO ordering food  NO pissing away time looking at cat videos or what your friend is eating for lunch via their social media post, NO wasting time on internet surfing or other activities that could, instead, be devoted to exercising or planning meals.  Your efforts will be rewarded with improvement in your own health.  And that “WIN” is much greater than $10,000 bucks.

My favorite yogurt flavor?  Pina Colada    Enjoy Rupert Holmes.

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