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Do You Use Your Phone For Food?

Do any of you out there remember the old Mel Brooks’ film Space Balls that was a parody of the Star Wars movies?  His “Yoda” character was called “Yogurt” and the Princess Leia character was ‘Princess Vespa” of the world Druidia (and of course, Mel Brooks could not resist a line uttered by the Hans Solo character lamenting that he had to take care of a “Druidish Princess”).  Anyway, one of funny parody lines in the futuristic movie was a newscaster reporting that the movie “Rocky 5000” was coming out soon.  This was of course poking fun at the fact that decades ago Sylvester Stallone kept carting out a bunch of “Rocky” movies.

Although not “5000” as yet, how many I Phones are we up to now?  I just poked around the internet and it looks like the I-Phone 12 is here with the design of the I Phone 13 being discussed in anticipation of this being launched in the near future.  Fast forward 100 years and at this rate, we should be well on our way to there being an “I Phone 100”.  What is predictable about the newer phones:  They all offer better cameras and heightened technology.

So, how do we use these ever-increasing powerful devices in our lives?  Video talk or text with friends/relatives?  Check up to the second stock market performances and sports scores?  Check our e-mail when we are waiting for something/someone?  Immerse ourselves in social media platforms and see pictures of what your friends are eating for lunch?  Laugh at videos of dogs, cats or children doing really funny things?  Order food that can be delivered to your home or work?

Let’s focus on that last usage of these high tech smart phones.  Do you use your phone to order food for delivery?  If the answer is “yes”, take a few minutes to write down all of the eateries you are ordering food from.  Write down next to the name of the specific restaurants, on a scale of 1-10, how “beneficial” that food is for your weight control efforts with a “1” being incredibly derailing (i.e. Pizza hut pizza, McDonalds) and a “10” being an eatery that delivers high quality protein and vegetables.

My bet:  The cumulative score of your list is pretty low, i.e. most/all of your phone-ordered food choices are hurting your weight control efforts.

Take a step back and evaluate your “smart” phone (I call them “Idiot Phones” cause they are turning our society into a population of idiots) usage as this relates to food ordering and try to NOT allow yourself to fall into the convenience trap of hitting a few buttons  on your phone and having high carb/high fat foods waiting on your doorstep in less than an hour.

These high tech devices can be very helpful to your weight control efforts.  Ordering food is not one of them.

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