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Do You Utilize “Resources”?

There are three definitions of the word “RESOURCES” that I found, all of which can be pertinent to the weight loss journey:

First:  a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.

Weight control: There are a myriad of resources that are available to people when they are on a weight control journey.  Hopefully, our SP Program materials, blogs, post-program free body scans etc. can be viewed by you as positive resources.  However, beyond the our clinic, the internet will very quickly provide you with recipes, inspirational articles, exercise videos and a whole bunch of other great resources to help you on your weight control journey.

Second: an action or strategy which may be adopted in adverse circumstances.

Weight control: During your weight control journey, there will be many “adverse circumstances” that may derail your efforts.  Work trips, stressful situations, little-no time to exercise…these and more situations will impact your chances for weight control success.  However, developing an “action or strategy” to combat these challenges is something that CAN be done.

Third: provide (a person or organization) with materials, money, staff, and other assets necessary for effective operation.

Weight Control:  This definition should be embraced by all of us, i.e. helping others achieve their weight loss goals.  With 70% of Americans being overweight/obese, there is no doubt that you have family members, friends and colleagues that are on similar journeys to health and happiness.  “Buddying up” with people is a very effective tool in helping all parties be more successful.

Please never feel “alone” on your weight control journey.  If you are not using any/most of the resources outlined above, come in for your FREE body scan and we can help you start utilizing more and more resources that will make your journey an easier and more successful one.

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