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Does Honey Provide Health Benefits?

Honey is a syrupy liquid that honeybees make from plant nectar. It is a common ingredient in many foods and is available in many forms.  When you look at the nutritional contents of honey, it sure seems that honey is NOT a “good” thing to consume for weight or general health improvement.  One tablespoon of honey contains 61 calories, no protein and 17 grams of carbs.  Not exactly a “Phase 1” item, ay?

However, there are some potential health benefits of consuming honey including:

  • Honey contains a number of anti-oxidants and therefore can help reduce inflammation
  • Honey, despite the sugar content, seems to help balance blood sugars.  This may be due to honey inducing an increase is adiponectin levels which have been shown to improve glucose regulation
  • Honey may also help prevent heart disease. According to one review, honey may help lower blood pressure, improve blood fat levels, regulate your heartbeat, and prevent the death of healthy cells — all factors that can improve your heart function and health
  • There is a historical precedent for the use of topical honey treatment for wound and burn healing. The practice is still common today.
  • Several studies on honey and cough in children found that honey appears more effective than diphenhydramine for cough symptoms. It may also help reduce cough duration

So, it seems that adding a small amount of honey to your tea or food may have a positive impact on overall health.  Portions should be limited however due to the sugar content.

And the choices for an accompanying song for this entry included an old, cheesy song by Bobby Goldsboro (“Honey”), the Archies singing “Sugar, Sugar”, which included the lyrics “Honey Honey”, but the winner for this morning….ABBA’s “Honey Honey”.  Enjoy!

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