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Am I Doing Good?

Many years ago there was a popular New York City mayor, Ed Koch.  He was well-known for repeatedly asking groups he was speaking in front of: “Am I doing good?”  It seemed that he needed public reaffirmation of his job performance constantly.

Human nature is such that we all, at times, need some sort of outside recognition/reaffirmation about our “performance”.   This could be pertaining to our work achievements, educational advancements or personal issues.  

Focusing on the weight control arena, many people like to hear family/friends compliment them when weight loss is achieved.  With significant weight loss being obvious to many around us, “pats on the back” include statements about how much younger we look, how clothes look great, etc.

In this very “politically correct” world, many people in the work environment are hesitant to throw out positive comments about others’ physical changes/appearance.  Such comments may be misconstrued and subject the commentator to charges of inappropriate behavior.  This leaves family and friends as the major “patters on the back” to provide positive encouragement to people working through a weight control journey.

We, meaning the Serotonin-Plus Team and I are (in my humble opinion) excellent “cheerleaders” that can provide lots of positive encouragement.  Hence, please take us up on our offer for FREE monthly body scans.  Even if a few pounds have been put back on, we are here to provide the positivity to get you “back on the wagon”.

Almost all of us need recognition by others for our hard work and dedication.  Long-term weight control is a journey that does, at times, require us to hear “You are doing good”.

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