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Does Poor Weight Control Impact Libido?

The desire and thoughts about sex (libido) are impacted by a number of things.  First and foremost is the aging process itself.  If libido levels are compared from decade to decade, I am certain that almost everyone would admit that the non-stop thoughts of intimacy in your 20’s-30’s are replaced over time to non-stop thoughts of where is the closest bathroom when you are in your 60’s-70s.  Many factors account for this lowering of libido with age with the most prominent contributing factor being a lowering of the sex hormones.

Testosterone lowering, both in males and females, is an aging phenomenon that impacts libido.  For females that express concerns about low libido levels, once other chemical/hormonal imbalances are ruled out, often a combination of estrogen and testosterone is offered.  In males, often testosterone is provided in the form of injections, creams or arm pit roll ons.   

Poor weight control impacts negatively on libido by several mechanisms.  Chemically, obesity causes the production of more sex hormone binding globulin, which in turn, causes less bioavailable testosterone.  The lower testosterone levels negatively impact libido.  

Obesity also negatively impacts the vascular system as well as other hormone levels and these also can lower libido.

Another major factor in libido is “body confidence”.  When a person sees him/herself as having a “look” that will be sexually desired, confidence builds and libido rises along with this.

Controlling weight can improve many aspects of our lives.  A higher sexual desire is one of those.

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