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Does Sabotage Play A Role?

The word “ Sabotage” does not usually conjure up good images.  The various definitions of “sabotage” will include:

  • an act or process tending to hamper or hurt
  • deliberate subversion

Based on these definitions, one would think that we all would want to avoid being “sabotaged” in any aspects of our lives, personal or in business.  However, there clearly are elements of “sabotage” that play a role in our weight control efforts.

First, let’s explore self-sabotage.  This is probably more likely to occur than outside sabotage.  Here are some examples:

  • You go grocery shopping with the intentions of buying only those foods compatible with Phase 1 of the SP Plan.  Rather than avoiding the candy and snack aisle, you wander down that lane and throw into your basket a bag of chips and several candy items to be stored in your home pantry.
  • You are deciding on a vacation spot and opt for an “All Inclusive” destination that includes all the alcohol and food you want.
  • You go downstairs to watch an intense sporting event or movie and bring with you a bucket of popcorn with intentions of only eating a few.

There is outside sabotage to your weight control efforts too:

  • You are out with friends and the dessert tray is offered up at the end of the meal.  Your friends implore you to partake:  “Come on, you can cheat once in awhile”.
  • One of your co-workers keeps a candy jar prominently displayed on his/her desk, and you walk past this desk daily.
  • Your spouse/significant other expresses frustration with the limited menu items you seek and expresses the thought:  “You have lost enough weight already…you can stop”.

It is probably easier to attack self-sabotage than go after outside sabotage.  Take a step back and examine your behavioral patterns and see whether the concept of self-sabotage is playing a role in hindering your efforts.  Take the steps needed to stop this.  Concerning outside sabotage, politely those around you that are (hopefully unintentionally) sabotaging your efforts to instead, try to help you.

Poor weight control sabotages our own health and happiness.  Let’s try to eliminate sabotage as best as possible.

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