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Does The Serenity Prayer Apply?

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

The above words are referred to as “The Serenity Prayer” and it was written by a theologian named Reinhold Neibuhr in the mid 1930’s.  He was a non-alcoholic but was embraced by Alcoholic Anonymous in the early 1940s and to this today, most 12-step AA meetings recite the Serenity Prayer at the beginning and end of meetings.

Let’s bring the Serenity Prayer to the weight control arena:  First, let’s look at the “things I cannot change”.  These would include such things as:

  • The aging process and impact on metabolism
  • Genetic factors that influence weight control
  • Other’s people eating/drinking habits and there attempts to influence ours 
  • Holiday get togethers and the types of foods/drinks provided
  • Restaurants present at airports and exits off the highways

Now, let’s focus on “the courage to change the things I can”.  Some of these “things” include:

  • Setting the alarm earlier to get some exercise in
  • Going to the supermarket with a shopping list, including the food/drink items that will help weight control rather than derailing it
  • Hanging out with the friends that promote healthier habits rather than the partying ones
  • Drinking lots of water to help promote a speedier metabolism
  • Not allowing the derailing foods to sit in your pantries, fridges or freezers

It does not require much wisdom to “know the difference” between the things we can impact vs the ones we cannot.  During your long-term weight control journey have lots of courage t change those things we can…and there are plenty.

And enjoy Madonna’s song “Like A Prayer”

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