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Does Weight Control Impact on Balance?

As we all get older, one of the fears that many of us have is an accidental fall resulting in a broken hip, severe head injury or other major traumatic injury.  These types of injuries can change lives forever.  I know that personally, during the winter when there is ice on the ground, I walk incredibly slow and gingerly as I am very careful not to fall.  Remember when we were kids and fell off a bicycle? We would cry a bit, get the scraps cleaned and off we went again on the bike.  Middle and older ages?  We fall and break bones.

Balance changes as we age and there are numerous studies that show that balance is adversely impacted by poor weight control.  One of the major reasons for this is the negative impact on nerves in the feet that provide a balance control.  Loss of balance clearly results in a heightened propensity to fall down.

Aside from the direct impact of obesity on balance, the co-morbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease may have a negative impact on balance. This also contributes to the higher likelihood of falls.

Weight control will provide improved balance neurologically but also you can bet on this providing a great psychological balance as well.

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