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Does Your Blood Type Influence Weight Control?

Many people do not know their blood type.  If you have donated blood or had surgery, the chances are much higher that you, in fact, know your blood type.  Here is the breakdown of people’s blood types:

  • O-positive: 38 percent
  • O-negative: 7 percent
  • A-positive: 34 percent
  • A-negative: 6 percent
  • B-positive: 9 percent
  • B-negative: 2 percent
  • AB-positive: 3 percent
  • AB-negative: 1 percent

There have been many studies showing the link between certain diseases and blood types.  For example, O types have less risk of cardiovascular disease, pancreatic cancer and stomach cancer.  People with AB type have higher chances of memory difficulties with age.  Those with A type blood are more susceptible to anxiety issues.  Peptic ulcers appear more frequently in O types.

So, the question:  Does blood type make a person more susceptible to weight control problems and/or present more difficulty in losing weight?  Several studies indicate that people with O type blood have a higher incidence of obesity than the other blood types.  The reasons are not very clear however.  It is postulated that there may be some association of blood type with the levels of natural appetite suppressants (leptins) and appetite-inducers (ghrelins).

The association of O blood type with a higher risk of obesity does NOT mean that O-type people should not try to control weight.  This is NOT true.  The studies showing these associations as this pertains to weight are weak at best.

The bottom line:  Your blood type probably does not influence your ability to control weight, so you “O-types” should not throw the towel in on your efforts and you A, B and AB people should not party hearty and eat lots of carbs because you are not the high risk type.

And for those of you that do not know your blood type, you should…a very simple blood test will provide the answer. 

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