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Does Your Super Bowl Party Have Swedish Meatballs?

So for those of you that have not turned off my “series” on Super Bowl Party offerings and their nutritional values, here is the last one:  Swedish Meatballs.  First, a bit if information about the differences between traditional “Italian” meatballs and “Swedish” meatballs:  Swedish meatballs are typically smaller than the Italian style. Seasonings are different for Swedish meatballs but every recipe for them has variations on spices. Both types of meatballs use a 50–50 of mixture of beef and pork. Many Italian meatballs use sweet Italian sausage. Both have dice onion and bread crumbs. Swedish meatballs are usually served with a beef or bone based thick gravy, while most Italian style recipes use a rich marinara.

Here are the nutritional facts about Swedish Meatballs (per full meal serving) :

Calories: 370

Total Fat 17 g

Saturated Fat t6 g

Cholesterol l90 mg

Sodium 1120 mg

Total Carbohydrate 39 g

Dietary Fiber 4 g

Total Sugars 1 g

Protein 16 g

The thick gravy that bathes the meatballs is the culprit for the very high sodium, carbohydrate and fat content.  

If you are on a weight control journey and attending a Super Bowl party offering both plain meatballs and Swedish meatballs, opt for the plain ones.  Certainly, keep the Swedish meatball intake to a small amount.

Well, that’s it for my “Super Bowl Preview” entries.  But I will finish first with my prediction for the game (Same guy predicted both games WRONG last week): Kansas City 31  San Fran 24.  It is really hard to bet against Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift (oops…I meant Travis Kelce).

And now the last Super Bowl Halftime Show posting:  Ranked by many as the Number One show ever, here is Prince performing at the 2007 Super Bowl.

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