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Don’t Stop Believing

The music group “Journey” was formed in 1972 in San Francisco and their greatest success occurred in the late 1970’s-1980s when Steve Perry was the lead singer.  The group had many hits and in 2017, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.  Probably their most successful song was their 1981 tune “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Bringing the concepts of “Journey” and their smash hit to the weight control arena:

First, “JOURNEY”:  The “road” to long your desired weight should be viewed as a “Journey” as opposed to a “Diet”.  This “journey” will not be an easy one, nor will this be smooth.  There will be many “bumps” along the way and there will be weeks when many challenges will occur that will result in weight gain.  The important point is to continue on with the journey and always keep at the forefront of your mind why it is so important for you to shed that weight.  Commit yourself to a lifestyle change as opposed to the “dieting” mindset.

Second: “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”: Anyone/everyone that has struggled with weight have felt frustration at times.  There have been numerous “failures” at various “diets with the “usual” being the initial loss of weight followed by the weight coming back on.  When this scenario occurs over and over, it is pretty easy for the “I give up” mentality to set in.  If that occurs, game over…there will be no chance of shedding the weight.  

Try very hard to NOT stop believing in YOUR ability to remain focused, steadfast and committed to your long-term weight control efforts.   Despite past history, we all have the capability to rise above this and achieve the success we desire.  If you “Don’t Stop Believing”, much improved health and happiness will be the outcome.

And yet another tune on Posner’s IPOD (teasing…I do not still have one of those)…enjoy Journey and “Don’t Stop Believing”.



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