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Evaluating Your Use Of CONVENIENCE

Here is a definition of the word “CONVENIENCE”: the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.

Okay, let’s now bring the concept of “convenience” to our health/wellness goals.  Here are some examples of “convenience” used in a positive manner to achieve better health:

  • Joining a gym close to your house so it is more convenient for you to make exercise a several times a week routine.
  • Stopping at a local supermarket and purchase a freshly made chicken or other fresh food meal so you can conveniently eat a protein/vegetable meal compatible with our dietary plan
  • Make a bunch of hard boiled eggs on a Sunday so you can conveniently have a protein based breakfast during a busy morning
  • Use your cell phone alert mode to make it convenient for you not to forget taking your meds/supplements, getting you meals/snacks in etc

Conversely, here are some examples of “convenience” derailing your health/wellness goals:

  • Buying processed frozen foods and popping them into the microwave for a meal
  • Driving through a fast food place to buy dinner for you and the family
  • Using a food delivery app to order a meal from a local restaurant that will deliver a derailing meal

Take a step back and evaluate your use of “convenience” and see what elements are helping your health efforts vs. thwarting them. Take the steps necessary to get rid of those deleterious “convenience” behaviors.

There is nothing more Inconvenient in our lives than having to spend time in doctors’ offices, going for medical procedures and/or taking medications for conditions that are preventable.  Stay focused!

P.S. Stay OUT of “convenience” stores like 7/Eleven….we all go in there for one item and walk out with a Slurpee or some candy item.

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