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Everyone Is Tied For First Place

This week the NFL football teams open their training camps.  Each team brings in 90 players to compete for the 53 spots on the roster when the season begins.  Fans of all teams start out with lots of optimism of their team’s chances of making it to the playoffs and eventually the SuperBowl.  At this stage of the season, every team is tied for first (and last) place.   The “pundits” on the multiple sports channels predict what teams will thrive and which ones will flounder. However, once the real games begin in September, pretty soon we all see who the good teams are and what teams fall by the wayside.  

Bringing this scenario to the weight control arena:  Despite what past history has shown concerning failed efforts at weight control, every new day provides the start of a new “season” of opportunity to shed that weight.  We all need to shrug off memories of previously failed attempts and muster the strength and fortitude to embark on a new journey to become healthier and happier.  

Back to the sports analogy:  If players started a season believing they were going to lose lots more games than they will win, their prophecy will be fulfilled.  However, if confidence and enthusiasm prevail, there is a much better chance of a successful season.  Similarly, if we all approach our weight control efforts with positivity as opposed to dwelling on past failures, there are much higher chances of a better outcome.

Today is a new day…go out there and make good things happen.

And the best Superbowl halftime show ever? Consensus is Prince’s performance of “Purple Rain” in 2007.

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