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What does the word  “faithfully” mean?: 

  • loyal to a friend/loved one
  • firm in adherence to promises or in observance of duty 
  • conscientious
  • given with strong assurance 
  • steadfast in affection or allegiance 

To a great extent, successful long-term weight control requires all of us to act “faithfully”.  

Looking as to how the above definitions apply to our weight control journey, we must:

  • Be firm in our adherence to a plan of high protein/low carb intake, eliminating/dramatically reducing alcohol usage, finding exercise time, etc
  • Be conscientious in avoiding the deleterious eating/drinking behaviors that caused the weight problem in the first place
  • Be steadfast in your “allegiance” to the new behavioral patterns required not just to lose the weight, but also keep that weight off.

On our part, i.e. Posner and the Serotonin-Plus Team, we will hit the other 2 bullet points

  • Be loyal to you and help as best we can
  • Give you strong assurance that if you follow our plan, you will obtain the weight loss you are seeking.

So, let’s all act “Faithfully”  in many aspects of our lives, including our weight control efforts.  

And for any of you over 35 years old that did not see this one coming, shame on you!  Here is the music group Journey singing one of their iconic hits, “Faithfully”.

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