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Fathers and Children

Father’s Day is approaching and this day always leaves me with mixed feelings.  I love spending time with my children, grandchild and extended families.   However, I miss my own Dad who died about 23 years ago.  Al Posner came from a generation when pretty much every adult male smoked cigarettes.  He had heart disease and renal failure.  The great cardiothoracic surgeon at Fairfax Hospital (before the word “INOVA” existed) Edward Lefrak saved my Dad’s life when no other surgeon would touch him due to his failing kidneys.  Dr. Lefrak gave my Dad about 8 more years of a really good life before he passed away.

For those of you that have your Dad’s still in your lives:  Please cherish the times you can spend together.

For those of you that have lost their Dads:  Please try to remember the good times together.

And for all out their that are “Dads” themselves:  We all are guilty of underestimating just how important we are to our children, grandchildren, spouses, siblings and extended families.  We really should be incredibly vigilant about our health and ensure as best we can that we will maximize the quantity and quality of our lives. 

One of my favorite movies is “Field Of Dreams”.  In the last scene, Kevin Costner’s character, who was estranged from his Dad and never had a chance to say “goodbye/I love you” before the Dad’s death, gets one more chance to have a baseball catch with his father.  There is not a time I have seen this scene when I do not weep.   So, for all of you father’s out there:  Stay on your Field of Dreams and play catch with your children and grandchildren.  

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