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 Feelin’ Groovey

Here is a word we do not use much anymore:  “Groovey”.  The definition of “groovy” is slang to describe something that is very good, fun, or nice looking.  Turning the clocks back 50-60 years ago, the word was used much more frequently and I believe many of you baby boomers out there like me think of hippies, flower children and similar images of people with long hair, lots of facial hair and tie-dyed shirts uttering the word “groovey”.  One of Simon and Garfunckel’s famous songs was called “Feelin’ Groovey”.

Okay, let’s get the weed out of our system and move toward the weight control arena:  One of the major benefits of weight control, aside from all of the improvements in health parameters, is the confidence and self-esteem enhancement we feel from the weight loss. We look younger, appear more vibrant, fit better into our more stylish clothes and in many other ways, simply feel “Groovey”.  When asked “why do you want to lose weight?” the sort of “politically correct” answer usually focuses on the health benefits, because talking about looking better sounds superficial.  However, there is NOTHING wrong about desiring a “better look”.   Successful weight control will most definitely improve “the look”.

I strongly believe that every one of us deserves to look/feel our very best and if that entails some cosmetic work, hair styling, getting nails done and yes, losing weight, then you should proceed in any direction you so desire to start “Feelin’ Groov-ier” about yourself.

Please join us on Thursday, May 4 at 6 PM at our office for an open house with Nurse Therese Persson, who will provide demonstrations and lots of information about Botox, Fillers and other cosmetic injectables that can help people look years younger and heighten self-esteem and confidence.  There will be refreshments, door prizes and LOTS of fun.

And for those people out there approximately my age or above, “Feelin’ Groovey” does not need to be limited to having a good BM daily…it is never too late to strive for looking and feeling younger…come out and join us this week!

Enjoy Simon and Garfunkel’s “Feelin’ Groovey”.

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