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Five Traveling Tips For Summer Vacations

It is now officially Spring and with that comes thoughts of summer vacations and escapes from our daily grinds.  With Covid still present, many people plan on trips that will not include flying, but rather, destination spots that are readily accessible and feasible by driving.  

Often, vacations/travel can derail weight control efforts.  The vacation mentality of “I am gonna have fun” added to the logistic challenges of not having your own kitchen will add up to eating/drinking lots of items that are not very compatible for weight control.

Here are 5 suggestions that will allow you to have an incredibly fun time on your vacation, yet limit the “damages” to your weight control efforts:

  1. Choose a vacation spot that is focused more on fun activities as opposed to what foods/drinks are available:  i.e. better to go on a hiking vacation than touring a bunch of wineries.
  2. Choose hotels that offer in room refrigerators and perhaps a kitchen:  This will allow you to not have to eat every meal at restaurants as well as bringing some breakfast and/or lunch foods that are compatible with the high protein/low carb approach.
  3. Choose a vacation venue where there are aerobic activities available: Hotels/resorts with a great pool and fitness area may encourage you to include exercise as part of your daily vacation activities.
  4. Do some advance planning on meals by checking out the menus of the various restaurants that are available to you either on the premises of your hotel or slightly off the property:  Finding those places that offer great protein choices will be better than going to the all you can eat pasta and pizza place.
  5. Try to limit the amount of alcohol consumption…do not tell yourself “I cannot drink” but rather, adopt the mindset of “I am choosing to limit alcohol intake.”

Vacations are very important for all of us to take, as a “recharge” of our minds and bodies are very much needed at times, especially in this pandemic year.  We can all find ways to have a super wonderful time on our vacations and still stay focused on our weight control efforts.  By doing so, this will allow us to stay healthier to enjoy many more vacations in the future.

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