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Food/Alcohol As A Treatment

If I asked this question, how many people do you believe would answer “NO:”

Do YOU have any physical or emotional conditions that negatively impact you?

Some people may have very few issues that have little-no impact on their lives whereas others may have conditions that adversely affect their lives in many ways.  However, I do not believe anyone has “NO” problems whatsoever.

Here are a few conditions that we all seek ways of managing in the effort to minimize their impacts on our lives:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue

Many people will reach for food and/or alcohol as “treatments” for these issues.  On an immediate basis, a high caloric/high carb food source can provide an immediate “pleasure” sensation.  When someone is stressed or feeling anxious, this “feel-good” provided by the “comfort” foods will help on an immediate basis, albeit for a very short term.  Alcohol, when taken in enough quantities can help alleviate pain temporarily as well as induce sleep.

Food and alcohol do not require a visit to a doctor, are readily available at the local stores and can be taken without other people seeing this.  However, we all know that this “treatment” strategy is a flawed one, as the positive impacts of these actions are very short-lived and the “aftermath”, i.e. the weight gain only further exacerbates the above conditions.

I recommend that everyone take a step back and honestly ask yourself whether YOU are using high caloric foods and/or alcohol to “treat” some other condition(s).  If the answer is “Yes” than I suggest that you visit your primary care doctor to discuss the underlying conditions and what solutions may be offered that are less deleterious than the self-“treatments” that are thwarting your weight control efforts.  Finding alternative therapies will result in a much healthier and happier future.

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