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Fulfilling Our Purpose

A number of years ago I saw a very unique Broadway show called “Avenue Q”.  The reason why this musical was so unique was that the actors were all speaking/singing through puppets they were carrying.  What started out looking like a benign Sesame Street sort of musical actually was a pretty raunchy R-rated, hysterically funny story and music.  One of the major song numbers was one called “Purpose” and one of the lead characters sang about his quest to find his purpose in life (see the scene video below).

The dictionary tells us purpose is the reason something exists, an intended end; aim; or goal. Purpose creates meaning, offers a sense of direction and helps guide our paths, behavior and our goals when applied to our lives.

Have you ever taken a step back and pondered your purpose?  My belief is that we all have multiple “purposes” in life.  Some of these include raising/nurturing/role modeling our children, contributing to society, helping others etc.  I am certain many other “purposes” of our lives can be added on to this list.  Not having “purpose” would indeed, feel very sad.  “Purpose” inspires us to continue in our quest to live a fulfilling, happy life.

Successful weight control will markedly increase our odds of fulfilling our “purpose(s)”.  If we are not healthy, focus and time will be spent taking care of our own medical needs as opposed to helping others.  I do not think any of us envision our “purpose” as going from one doctor appointment to another and/or having to reach for multiple medications daily.

There are many reasons why controlling weight is so important.  Add fulfilling our “purpose” to this list.

And enjoy the “Purpose” number from Avenue Q.

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