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Fun and Exercise

Many people avoid exercising simply because it is not construed as “fun”.  What is “fun” about walking/running on a treadmill for an hour or being bored pumping up and down on an elliptical machine?  What is “fun” about pounding the pavement outside running when every step brings some element of knee pain?  What is “fun” about huffing and puffing for air while sweating profusely when/if you try to exercise after not having done so in awhile?  The answer is that nothing about any of the above described scenarios brings “fun” to our lives.

Let’s turn this around a bit and find some exercise scenarios that will most likely be sensed as “fun”:  

  • Taking a hike on a moderately challenging outdoor trail on a beautiful day
  • Biking on a scenic bike path
  • Swimming, thereby taking any pressure off the joints that may hurt you when not exercising in water
  • Taking a Zumba, kick boxing or other aerobic class with friends
  • Playing a vigorous tennis match and allowing your competitive energy to come through

The point:  If we view exercising as either boring, painful or not fun, there is little-no chance that consistent exercise will occur.  Try to find the aerobic activities that you find “fun” and incorporate this into your lifestyle on a consistent basis.

Long-term weight control usually requires a balance of a prudent dietary approach and some element of exercise.  Try to find the “fun” exercises that you look forward to engaging in.  Often, being around other people helps, so for many, gym memberships are a good idea as opposed to equipment in the basement.

Seek out “fun” caloric burn-off activities…these will wind up being sustainable and become a part of your successful weight control endeavors.

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