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Gifting Health: Countdown to the 12 Days of Christmas

Holiday season is in full swing…showing the people that are important to us how much we love and recognize them.  Exchanging gifts is a major component of holiday time.  The days of going to stores and buying gifts has been replaced to a large extent by the convenience of shopping online.   Electronics, clothes and household goods are the “usual” gifts.  There is also LOTS of caloric containing gifts that are given as well.

There are many gifts that can be given that are focused on increasing the health and well-being of your loved ones.   These can be the very best presents to provide, especially when the recipient is someone that may already have correctable medical issues or is at risk for developing such conditions.

The Serotonin-Plus Team and I have thought about some neat things to provide in recognition of the Holiday season AND being cognizant of health and well-being.

Be on the look-out for fun items that will be promoted on our daily blog over the next 12 days leading to Christmas Day!

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