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Giving In To Temptation

Here is a definition of the word “TEMPTATION”: the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.

If we take a step back and think about it, there are two components to “Temptation”:

  1. The DESIRE to go through with a certain behavior
  2. By proceeding with this behavior, there will be negative consequences to this action (“wrong or unwise”)

The “DESIRE” to proceed with a certain behavior is often based on the knowledge that that behavior will bring us something positive: Either it feels good, we know it is good for us and/or there is some sort of financial gain to be had.  DESIRE can also be based on chemical contributions with certain chemicals producing “DESIRE” for certain foods, drinks, sex, etc.

The knowledge that there may be negative consequences involved with certain behaviors will sometimes override the “Desire” mechanisms and the behaviors that we are “tempted” with will not take place.  This requires people to take a step back and think through the “Desire” motivations and analyze the potential consequences of the actions.

Focusing on weight control:  There are most certainly LOTS of “temptations” that occur along the journey.  We will constantly be tempted to eat sugars, carbs and all of the derailing foods/drinks that will thwart weight loss efforts.  Learning how to focus on the consequences of these actions and make the “right” decisions will go far in helping us succeed in our efforts.

We are all human beings and therefore subject to normal human behaviors.  Fighting temptation is a necessary part of a long term, successful weight control journey.

And, with the word “Temptation” in mind, here is the Temptations singing one of the best songs ever!


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