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Giving Up/Giving In

When the word “GIVING” is used along, there is a positive connotation to this.  “Giving” your time for a special cause and “Giving” monetary contributions to the needy would be examples of “Giving” being used in a beneficial way.

However, if we add the word “UP” to “Giving”, this now brings the term to a fairly negative connotation.  “Giving up” implies abandoning some effort/venture that was initiated to bring about some positive outcome or beneficial relationship.  I am fairly certain that we all have gone into the “I give up” mentality at certain times of our lives.  This could be something as minor as trying to put together some complicated IKEA piece of furniture or something as major as “giving up” on someone.

When we add the word “IN” to “Giving”, this also is likely to be a negative event.  “Giving in” during a business negotiation would imply less favorable terms are being accepted.  The concept of “giving in” to others could refer to sacrificing certain standards or ethics we hold for ourselves.

In the weight control arena, the concepts of “Giving Up” and “Giving In” are most likely to negatively impact our weight loss goals.  The “I Give Up” mentality is usually the result of a bunch of previously failed attempts to shed weight.  Once that mindset becomes entrenched, pretty much all hope is lost for permanent weight control.    “Giving In”, when applied to the weight control arena, usually means caving into chemical cravings, stress eating and other factors that try to throw us off course.

During your long-term quest to obtain/maintain a healthy/happy weight, try very hard to NOT “Give Up” and NOT “Give In”.  Keep your “giving” to the positive meanings.

And at my age…Just Give Me a Little More Time!  (Enjoy this 1970 classic from “Chairman Of The Board”)

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