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Good Friends

Only you live as a hermit, the chances are great that you have several/many friends in your life.  One or several of these friends may be very close to you and you feel comfortable sharing pretty much every aspect of your life with them.  Other friends may be more peripheral in nature, and you may only see or interact with them occasionally.  By definition, if someone is your friend, that person would be considered “good” in your life.

Now, let’s bring your friends into your weight control journey.  From this aspect, not all of your friends are “good friends”.  Focusing on weight control, your “good” friends will:

  • Join you for early morning walks, jogs or other exercise
  • Offer to prepare weight-conscious compatible meals when they have you over for dinner
  • Positively encourage you to continue your efforts to shed the weight
  • Compliment you on your new “look”
  • Suggest restaurant outings at places that will not sabotage your weight loss efforts

Your not-so-good friends (as this relates to weight control) will:

  • Want to arrange your social outings around booze and high caloric food intake
  • Offer you up desserts by telling you “Oh, come on…you can take a day off from your diet”.
  • Tell you that you are getting too “skinny” and should stop your weight loss efforts when in fact, you have more weight to lose (jealousy?).
  • Bring you chocolates, other candies and/or other derailing items when they visit you, knowing full well you are trying to shed weight.

During your weight control journey, try to hang out more with your “good” friends.  Their positive support can play a large role in your success.

And one of my favorite movies from years ago that brought me many camp memories: “Meatballs” starring Bill Murray.  One of songs from the soundtrack was “Good Friend” by Mary McGregor.  Enjoy!  

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