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GUEST BLOG!!!  Dr. Aleksandra Smith on IV Therapy

GOOD NEWS today:  You get a reprieve from Posner’s rants and raves.  Today you receive an informative piece written by a superb medical doctor (as opposed to the old doctor guy that still utilizes leeches in his practice).

MORE GOOD NEWS:  I would like to introduce Dr. Aleksandra Smith, Medical Director of “Healthier”, a new company that specializes in health and wellness treatments, specifically focusing on intravenous nutrient infusions for various symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, headaches and other maladies.  Dr. Alex penned a piece explaining more about intravenous nutrient therapy:

Many thanks Dr. Alex for giving me a day off as well as informing our wonderful patients about a new, emerging field of medicine.  And for anyone interested in learning more, please check out:  


Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy is rapidly becoming a popular choice to optimize  wellness and prevent illness in people seeking creative ways to stay well in our modern world.  Even when free of major illnesses, many people experience fatigue and discomfort that  prevents them from living the life they desire.  

IV nutrient therapy is part of a holistic and natural approach to maintaining health and  wellbeing. Preliminary research on multiple vitamins and nutrients suggests that when certain  blood concentrations are reached, these vitamins can alter the course of disease states. The  concentration of vitamins and nutrients that can be absorbed through oral ingestion is limited,  

therefore IV is helpful in achieving optimal levels. Additionally, environmental  illnesses such as seasonal allergies that inhibit nutrient absorption are at an all-time high. This  makes it all the more difficult to experience the therapeutic effects of nutrients. It is also well  demonstrated in medical research that a large portion of the population is now taking antacid  medications that severely limit the oral absorption of magnesium, calcium and other vital  nutrients.  

Interest in treatment with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients was first sparked in the  1950’s when Dr. John Myers started his Myers cocktails to his John Hopkins  University internal medicine clinic patients. As many physicians today, Dr. Myers was troubled  by the symptoms of many of his patients that could not be relieved by conventional medicine.  He developed cocktails of vitamins and nutrients for specific conditions that brought his “difficult” patients great relief. Dr. Myers took great care to test his cocktails on lab animals  hen on himself. He soon attracted thousands of lifelong patients that came from all over the world for his services. Eventually other physicians borrowed his methods. As the practice of medicine changed, the practice of IV vitamin infusions fell by the wayside. Because methods of treatment popularized and studied were largely driven by pharmaceutical companies, nutrient and vitamin treatment was largely ignored as less lucrative.  

In the recent decades, practitioners interested in holistic methods of treatment have regained interest in this methodology and their patients have greatly benefited. IV nutrient  hydration has shown promise in the treatment of fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression. We are  beginning to understand how high dose nutrients may arrest and reverse the deleterious effect  of aging. Protocols have also been created to treat migraines, asthma, upper respiratory  infections and cardiovascular disease. Due to the lack of fully-funded studies, we do not yet  have the evidence to prove these therapies are curative, however they are again helping many  patients that failed to find answers from conventional medicine. 

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