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Hang Out With Your “Good Friends”

Here is a trivia question for you movie buffs out there:  What was Bill Murray’s (of Ghostbusters fame) first feature film?  The answer: “Meatballs”.  This comedy, written by Harold Ramus (also of Ghostbusters fame), was about a summer camp in Canada and the hijinks involving the counselors and counselors in training.  The musical score to the movie included a 1970’s Mary McGregor song, “Good Friend”.

Off the Hollywood scene and into the weight control arena:  Let’s discuss how “friends” impact our weight control journeys.  Here is what I refer to as a “bad” friend (as this relates to weight control).  A “friend”, knowing that you are trying to become healthier/happier via weight control who:

  • Tells you:  “Oh come on you can break your “diet” tonight” and tries to force dessert on you.
  • Pushes you to join him/her in downing alcohol drinks
  • Tries to coerce you in front of other “friends” to “break your diet tonight” and join the fun.
  • Brings you holiday/birthday gifts containing carbohydrates and/or alcohol.
  • Tells you how “skinny” you look, that you are losing too much weight and then proceeds to offer up high caloric foods, drinks and snacks to you.

And here is what I refer to as a “Good” friend as this relates to your weight control journey.  A friend, knowing that you are trying to shed weight who:

  • Invites you to a diner party and ensures there are plenty of protein/vegetable choices available.
  • Will join you in avoiding dessert after dinner.
  • Will provide encouragement and support in your weight control journey
  • Send you recipes that are compatible with weight control
  • Offers to meet you at the gym or exercise outside with you.

Having “positive” support as opposed to negative influencers can be crucial in the success vs. failure of your weight control efforts.  We never like to think of our “friends” as being jealous of us, including our success at weight control, but I certainly have heard many stories over the years of patients telling me that they believe certain “friends” intentionally try to sabotage their efforts.  

During your weight control journey, try to hang out more with your “Good” friends.

Enjoy an oldie and if you have seen the movie “Meatballs”, this song will bring you back in time for sure.

Summary:  We all benefit from having supportive friends to help us during our weight control journeys.  Some friends however will try to sabotage our efforts.  Try to hang more with the “good” friends that provide positive support.

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