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Hard To Find A Gift? Here Is A Suggestion…

During the holiday season, most/all of us are scrambling around trying to find the right/”perfect” gift(s) for the most important people in our lives.  Some people are easy to find gifts for, as they make their preferences known in advance whereas others are much more challenging to find the right gifts for.  Gifts are our way of showing how we care for our loved ones/friends and want to bring smiles to their faces.

When we take a step back and think about it, perhaps your best gift to the important people in your lives is “YOU”.  There is absolutely nothing you can place under the tree that is better than “YOU”.  For those of us that have lost parents, grandparents, siblings, children and/or close friends, how amazing would it be to have that person(s) be alive, healthy, smiling and hugging you as you are hugging them?

So, this will go down as a sort of “silent” gift, but truly, the best and most impactful gift you can give to someone important in your life is staying steadfast and focused on health-improving efforts.  I refer to this as a “silent” gift because it sort of seems narcissistic and/or selfish to spend money and time on “YOU” as a gift to someone else.  Telling your loved one that one of his/her gifts is YOU spending money on exercise equipment, home fresh food deliver and/or Posner’s weight loss program for YOU is a strange explanation indeed.

Keep the gift of a healthy “YOU” as silent and placing the less important gifts wrapped with card under the tree (or bush or however else you choose to celebrate holidays) is the way to go.  However, never forget that the very most special and important gift to your loved ones is a healthy and happy “YOU”.

Here is a Barry Manilow holiday song called “A Christmas Gift Of Love”.



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