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Have The Winter Doldrums?

Here is one definition of “Doldrum”: A period of stagnation or slump; a period of depression or unhappy listlessness.

For those of you that have already taken down the holiday trees/ornaments or about ready to, many of us do not have much excitement going on for the next several dark, cold months.  Taking a vacation to a warm/sunny destination is a great idea to break the doldrums, but most of us cannot take any prolonged period of time away.

The Winter Doldrums (“WD”) may impact on weight control efforts of we are not careful.  Although the holiday treats, cookie exchanges, traditional alcohol drinks and parties are much less abundant (sans Super Bowl Sunday), there still exists lots of opportunity for eating/drinking derailing choices as a way of “treating” the WD.

The summer season is still pretty far off so the motivation to lose weight for “bathing suit time” is not yet there psychologically.  We therefore need to rely on the health related motivational reasons to propel us into action.

If you find yourself falling into the WD, come out to the office for your FREE body scan and receive some encouragement from the SP Team and I to overcome the seasonal blahs.   Spring is only about 2 months away and the sun will shine longer and the temperatures will be warmer.  Do not allow WD to negatively impact on your quest to become healthier and happier via successful weight control.

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