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Have You Ever Had A New Lease?

At first glance at the title of this entry, pretty much everyone would immediately think of a “New Lease” in terms of an automobile or a rental property.  However, the “new lease” I am referring to is the use of this in the expression “New Lease On Life”.

The meaning of “New Lease On Life” may include: a substantially improved prospect of life or use after rejuvenation or repair.

On the personal side of things, I experienced this sensation twice:  Once was after an angioplasty I had on a 99% blocked LAD (the “widowmaker”) and the second time after a recent back surgery that turned the worst 12 weeks of my life due to pain to now being completely pain free.

Take a step back and focus on your personal medical history or perhaps even on the non-medical side.  Can you relate to the concept of having your life change so much for the better after having something very negative occur to you.

I know I bring these general concepts to the health/wellness arena, especially weight control and here we go again:  Successful weight control helps bring us a “New Lease On Life”.  From the health improvement (such as controlling high blood pressure or diabetes without medications) to looking years younger to being so much happier/vibrant, weight control truly offers us a “New Lease On Life”.

The ”Lease On Life” is a much more important lease that your BMW or Mercedes lease.  The “New Lease On Life” provides us with many more opportunities to join our loved ones on holidays, celebrations, vacations and other events that make us all very happy.

How about a real oldie…anyone remember the actor/singer Mac Davis? He was in a football movie with Nick Nolte called “North Dallas Forty”.  Here he is singing “Brand New Lease On Life”.    

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