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Health And Wellness

For many years I have written entries that were focused solely on weight control.  As I have now transitioned to a different area of the country I am also transitioning these daily blogs to more generalized topics about “health and wellness”.  The reason?  Weight control is a very important component to overall “health and wellness”, but there are many other contributing factors as well.  I would like to broaden these discussions to include these other “health and wellness” topics.

Although I believe that current curriculum in medical schools  and post-graduate residencies includes learning about “prevention”, in my days (yes, when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth) we were only taught about “diagnosis and treatment”.  There was little-no focus at all on how to prevent diseases or how to maintain health and wellness. 

I would ask all of you to take a step back and analyze your relative “health and wellness” status:

  • Are you taking any medications that could be eliminated by lifestyle changes?
  • Have you been into your doctor for routine, preventative screening examination and/or testing?
  • Are your blood tests showing normal values?
  • Do you feel good energy levels or are you tired?
  • Is your mood usually a good one or do you feel anxious/depressed?
  • Are you able to keep up with others in your family when physical activity is part of the gathering?

It is important not to “wait” for a major illness to develop, but rather, identify a potential problem(s) in the very early phases and take the necessary steps to ensure that nothing bad happens down the road.

PLEASE contact me ( if you have any specific topics in “health and wellness” that you would be interested in.  

And with that, here is the inaugural song on my new blog:  “To Life” from the very old Broadway musical “Fiddler On The Roof”.  This 1964 musical was about a fictitious town in Ukraine and the people (mostly Jewish) there being persecuted by the Russians.  So to my wife Nataliya and her very brave and proud family and Ukrainian countrymen, L’CHAIM.  

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