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Health Will Keep Us Together

Let’s go back to the 1970’s for an oldie:  “Love Will Keep Us Together”.  This pop hit was performed by “The Captain and Tennille”, a wife-husband musical team that put out a number of hits in that era.   The music is upbeat, the lyrics are fun and the message is a very positive one:  If we share love we will be together.  

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All of us probably use the word “love” on a daily basis.  Perhaps it is a quick “ love you” as a child or spouse is heading out the door for school/work or parting words at the end of a phone call with a special person/relative or during an embrace with a special person at an event/gathering.

I will sometimes hear the word” love” during a patient encounter, not directed at me, but rather, as a sentiment toward a food or drink source:  “I love my wine at night” or “I love chocolate” or “I love” (fill in the blank for your favorite high caloric food/snack/drink source).

Although we do not all share the “love” for the same food/drink sources, here is one thing we all do share the love for:  Being able to spend quality time with the special people we care for and continue to be productive at our chosen professions.

Often in life we need to make choices and here is a big one:  Your love for the food/drink sources that place your health in jeopardy vs. your love for the people in your life that make your life enjoyable/fulfilled.  Which “love” is a more important one for you?

Good health will allow us to stay together with the people in this world that you truly love.  Make this a priority…focus on your weight control efforts and make this successful.

Enjoy “Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain and Tennille)

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