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Hidden Costs

In the old days there was simply “Black Friday”…great deals to be had the day after Thanksgiving.  People could save lots of money by shopping on that day.  Now, there is not only “Black Friday” but also “Cyber Monday”. “Travel Tuesday” and other opportunities to pay less than the usual for electronics, household items, vacations and many other items we like to purchase.

The costs of these items are prominently displayed in the advertisements.  We know what we are paying for these purchased items.  Sometimes there are “hidden costs” that are not so easy to identify upfront.  For example, if an exercise device is purchased for a certain price, perhaps any virtual group classes that accompany this must be paid for separately. 

Turning our attention to the healthcare arena:  We know what we are paying for our health insurance and we know what we are paying for any medications we may be taking for chronic or acute health conditions.  However, there are a number of “hidden costs” that must be considered.  For example, one of those “hidden costs” are lost time at work due to illness.  If we are shelved for an extended period of time due to a surgery or severe illness, income generation may be impacted.  There is also a psychological “cost” involved with chronic illness.  How happy can we be if our lived become centered around our medical issues, doctor visits, inability to do the activities we want to engage in etc?

Often, when new patients contact me to learn more about our weight control program the first question that is posed is:  “How much does it cost?”.  Although I answer the questions with honesty and transparency, I do not ask the question back to the person:  “Do you know what cost is incurred by you NOT losing the weight?”  There are very substantial costs involved for overweight/obese people, both quantifiable (costs of medications, doctor visits etc) and hidden, such as the psychological cost of experiencing chronic illnesses secondary to weight-related co-morbidities.

There is no better investment and good use of $$$ than spending this on your own health.  The cost of poor health is a large one in many ways.

And here is somethings that does not cost a thing.  LOVE (Jennifer Lopez told us that in her song!) 

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