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Hiding Behind A Mask?

One of my favorite Broadway shows was the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, Phantom Of The Opera. The main character of course is the “Phantom” and he lives in the bowels of the opera house terrorizing the owners and patrons. He falls in love with a young opera singer and tries to win her over by mentoring her singing career. Due to facial deformities he wears a mask covering most of his face.

I read an article yesterday that plastic surgeries involving the face, such as chin lifts, nose jobs and others are on the rise. One of the reasons for this is that the people having these surgeries are able to “hide” the fact they had a plastic surgery because the mandatory Covid masks are covering these areas anyway. Rather than revealing the swelling, skin discoloration, etc., they simply wear the mandatory mask in public and no one will know they had surgery.

So, what does Phantom of the Opera and/or the rise of plastic surgery on the face have anything to do in a weight control blog? Here goes:

One of the major motivations for losing weight occurs in the spring when people realize that summer is approaching and the winter clothes will be shed in favor of the warm weather clothes. What could be “hidden” by the bulkier/heavier winter clothes will soon be “revealed” by swimsuits, shorts, light clothes etc. Now, we are headed to those colder days, when , in fact, we can “hide” our weight much easier by wearing the clothes that do not reveal our weight and body shape.

When one motivational factor disappears, we often need another to take it’s place. Here is a MAJOR one: The second wave of Covid is most definitely coming and with all of the major risk factors for severe illness revolving around poor weight control, NOW is the time to become steadfast and serious about your efforts. This is a MUCH better motivator than worrying about what someone thinks about how you look in a swimsuit.

And for you movie fans out there, one of the funniest Billy Crystal scenes in a movie occurs in Forget Paris. Crystal plays an NBA referee and when coming back from seeing Phantom of the Opera with his wife, he bitches that he just doesn’t “get it”…why is it so romantic that the lead character runs around with dinnerware on his face singing “School Days, School Days”?

Enjoy the show stopper song from Phantom.

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