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Holiday Celebrations…Stay Mindful!

The next 11 days will bring us two very special holidays:  Passover and Easter.  The celebrations and festivities usually involve family gatherings and eating traditional foods associated with these events.  The “traditional foods” most certainly include plenty of protein choices, and depending on the religion, these can vary from brisket to turkey to beef roasts to ham.  All of these foods, of course, are completely compatible with Phase 1 of our dietary plan.

Accompanying these protein choices are usually an array of high carb side dishes or even a main dish such as lasagna.  Additionally, many family gatherings traditionally break out alcohol as part of the celebration.  And…what would a family gathering be without a plethora of dessert choices, ranging from pies to cakes to ice cream?

Here are my thoughts/recommendations.  Please do not go into these holiday celebrations with the mindset of “I CANNOT eat this” or “I CANNOT eat that”.   A much better thought process is:  “I am CHOOSING to limit the portions of those food and drink sources that derail my weight loss efforts.”   Consider a “tasting plate” of sorts that allows for a sampling of the derailing food and dessert items.  In that way, you are not depriving yourself in joining everyone else.

We should not allow the action items needed for weight control to be thought of as “sacrifice and deprivation”.  Viewing the behavioral changes required for long term weight control as “punishment” will doom the chances that success will occur.

Another issue:  Every year will have holidays, vacations, stressful weeks etc.  If weight does not go down that week or goes up, that is okay.  Just move into the next week with resolve to be more aggressive in the high protein/low carb approach.

For everyone celebrating holidays no matter what the religion or culture:  Enjoy the love of your family and take the steps needed to make the chances much higher of you being there for many more of these fun times.  Stay mindful!

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