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Hooked On A Feeling

There are many things, situations, people and other circumstances that make us feel “good”.  

Here are some of them:

  • Spending quality time with our spouses, children, extended family and/or friends
  • Being in a physical state where you feel great energy, no pains and otherwise healthy
  • Accomplishing something in our professions that we are proud of
  • Taking a vacation 
  • Attending a concert, professional/college sports game, movie, live show or other event that we enjoy
  • Exercising outside or taking an inside class such as spinning, yoga, Pilates etc
  • Relaxing with a glass of wine or cocktail
  • Eating at a fine restaurant and enjoying our favorite foods

Many, many more bullet points can be added to this list.  

So, here is the question for everyone: How many of the “feel good” things you can place on your list involve eating/drinking?  I believe all of us, certainly including me, will have the consumption of the foods/drinks we like on our individual lists.

Clearly, some of the “feel good” things are at odds with others.  For example if the “feel good” act of having nightly cocktails places a person at a weight that deprives the “feel good” bullet point about feeling great energy, having no pain, etc., then choices need to be made.

This is where the concept of “balance” comes in:  We are not present on this earth to monitor every calorie that passes through our mouths, avoid every food/drink we like and constantly dwell on our weights.  However, we also want to have long, happy, healthy lives.  Prioritizing the “feel good” bullet points that do not involved food/drink over the ones that do will allow you to have more years to still do the “feel good” bullet points, albeit at a lesser amount than preceded the weight control.

We shave all heard the expression of people being “hooked” on alcohol and/or drugs.  We should all get “hooked on the feeling” of being at a healthy/happy weight that allows all of us to spend many more quality years enjoying all of the great things that life offers.   Stay focused on your weight control efforts.

And for those old time music fans, enjoy the late B.J. Thomas singing “Hooked On A Feeling”.

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