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How 0.1% Of Your Time Can Save Your Life

Let’s follow the math: 24 hours a day translates into 1440 minutes a day.  Multiple this by 7 days a week and we all have 10080 minutes a week to accomplish what we need to do.

Now, sleeping takes about 1/3 of these 10080 minutes, an 8 hour work day will take another 1/3 of this time.  Add on work commutes, children’s sports/school events, shopping and a bunch of other responsibilities and the majority of the last ½ of the 10080 minutes are consumed.

10-15 minutes translates into about 0.1% of your weekly minutes.  I would bet that almost every one of us could carve out 0.1% of our weekly time to attend to something that could ultimately add years to our lives.  And “that is PLANNING.  Yes…planning our meals and snacks for the week.  With paper and pen in hand, sitting down for 10-15 minutes and plan out your dietary strategy for the week ahead will be incredibly helpful in achieving weight loss success.

When we approach our meals/snacks without a gameplan of sorts, we will tend to make spontaneous decisions.  These will usually be the types of foods that will derail our weight control efforts.  PLANNING is incredibly important to assure that the proper balance of protein, vegetables, carbs, fruits and fats are ingested.

Take a step back and honestly answer the question: Am I taking 10-15 minutes to plan my meals/snacks?  If the answer is “NO”, please figure out a way of taking 0.1% of your weekly time to plan out your weekly meal/snack strategy.  Use our sample meal plans we provided you with if you want a short cut.

I cannot emphasize how important planning time is to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  Invest that 0.1% of your time and the returns will be incredible.

Time does tend to fly by…but we do need to know what time it is.

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