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How Are Your Investments Doing?

From the title of this entry, there may be some people reading this that are thinking that Posner is gonna try to get them to invest in something.  The answer is I am, but we will get to the details in a bit.

There are many investments we can all make including:

  • Investing in stocks
  • Investing in bonds
  • Investing in real estate
  • Investing in opening a new business


There are many other investments that may be added to the above list.  Most often when we invest in something, before we plunk down the $$$, we perform a risk/benefit analysis and decide whether we believe the investment will bring a positive return.  Some investments are quite safe, have little risk but these often can provide a limited sort of return whereas more risky investments may provide a much larger return.

Now, I want you to think about how much (if any) you invest in “YOU”.  The major investments we make in ourselves are often in “things” that heighten our health and/or happiness.  Buying a new elliptical or treadmill for your basement is an investment in your health (if they are used).  Spending money on a comprehensive health exam and testing is a similar “health” investment.  Investing in a time share or second home is a “happiness” investment.

The point of this entry: The very best investments are the ones that brin you to a improved state of health.  By doing so, you will be better positioned to work longer, generate more income, spend less on doctors/medication and overall have more $$$ to invest for financial gain and/or happiness.  YOU are your very best investment, if those are investments are focused on your health.

And if any of your investments are based around gambling, here are some words of wisdom from Kenny Rogers.  

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