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How Can Convenience Be Positive?

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The definition of “CONVENIENCE”: the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.

Based on the above definition, how “convenient” is it to control weight?  Does it take little effort?  Is a successful weight control journey not difficult?  Clearly, there is nothing “convenient” about implementing and successfully following through on a weight control initiative.

Let’s change the discussion to the concept of other things that are construed as “convenient”.   Stopping in at a 7/Eleven and picking up a warm breakfast biscuit is lots more convenient than cooking a breakfast at home.  Similarly, it is much more convenient to drive through McDonalds to grab a lunch as opposed to packing a lunch at home and bringing this to work.  Microwaving a frozen dinner is much more convenient than preparing a fresh meal after a long, busy day at work.

As detailed above, referring to the weight control arena, “convenience” usually equates to failure.

However, there are some actions we can describe as “convenient” that will, in fact, help our weight control efforts.  For example, quickly placing a roast and vegetables into a slow cooker in the morning before leaving will conveniently result in a greatly tasting fresh protein/vegetable dish for dinner.  Throwing lots more protein on the grill will conveniently provide several Phase 1-compatible meals for the week.  Making a bunch of hard boiled eggs on a Sunday night will allow for a very convenient/quick breakfast in the mornings.

There is no doubt that “convenience” is embraced by all of us in many instances.  When it comes to successfully controlling weight, try to ensure you are utilizing “convenience” in a helpful and not a damaging manner.


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