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How To Utilize Convenience To Help and Not Hurt?

The word “convenience” usually evokes good thoughts on all of our parts.  When something is “convenient”, this means that it is easy to perform, attain or accomplish without very much effort on our parts.  Let’s explore how “convenience” can interplay with our weight control efforts.

Driving through a McDonalds and picking up a lunch is much more convenient than packing a salad/protein lunch the night before.   Placing a frozen meal in a microwave is more convenient than preparing/cooking a dinner that night.  Sleeping in a bit more in the morning and accomplishing your morning tasks is much more convenient than waking up early, rushing around and trying to get to the gym before work.  These “conveniences” and more will have negative impacts on your weight control efforts.

Not all conveniences will derail your efforts, and in fact, choosing the right ones will help.  For example, using a home delivery, fresh foodmeal service or stopping at the supermarket to pick up an already cooked chicken or turkey breast is lots more convenient than trying to cook/prepare a high protein/low carb meal.  Another example of “convenience” than can support your efforts:  Use the slow cooker at home to cook a great meal compatible with the plan so when you et home, the meal is ready to eat.

Take a few minutes to explore your use of “convenience” and see how that may be rearranged to support your efforts to become healthier and happier via successful weight control.

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