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How Can We Best Maximize Social Isolation Time?

There is no doubt that all of us will be spending much more time at home for at least 1-2 months.  I am VERY optimistic that the Covid-19 virus will, at some point, reach the part of the curve when there are less and less cases every day and we will gradually return to normalcy (and toilet paper stocked on the shelves).

There are choices to me made while at home.  Not all of your time will be spent on working remotely.  There will be plenty of time for other, non-work related activities.  Here is one activity that is not very healthy/helpful:  Sitting with a bag of chips and stress eat as you are watching a news channel with the talking heads telling you how bad things are while you see that scroll on the bottom of the screen telling you how much of your 401K is being lost that day.   Here is another, not so great use of your time from a health standpoint:  “Okay kids, let’s bake some cookies”.

Here is a different approach:  Take some time to write/plan out your meals that conform to the SP dietary plan. 

Weather allowing, get outside and feel the warming sun of early spring as you walk, jog or take a bike ride.  If machines are your thing, blow the dust off that treadmill or elliptical machine in the basement and obligate yourself to a daily workout.

Use this time to improve your overall health.  Improved weight control translates into an improvement in the immune system.  Improved weight control translates into better blood pressure readings.  Early data suggests that people with hypertension contracting the Covid-19 virus have higher death rates than those with normal blood pressure.  

There are many, many reasons why being “healthier” protects us to a much better degree, not just from more serious sequela from viral infections , but from lots of other potentially bad medical outcomes.  Let’s all us our isolation time wisely.

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