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How Can We Best Use Our Idiot Phones?

Pretty much all of us have them, pretty much all of us are guilty of looking at them far too often and pretty much all of us are guilty of providing them to our children/grandchildren at ages that are way too young.  What I am referring to of course are “smart” phones.  I actually refer to them as “idiot” phones, because I truly believe that their addictive use is turning us into a society of idiots.  For any of you out there that have been correcting your children’s high school and/or college writings, you understand this statement very well. 

The incessant use of these devices produces a true addiction, as studies have shown that when you take away the “smart” phone from teenagers, there are the same chemical changes in the brain that occur when you take away opiates from an opiate addict.  These studies measured by PET scanning the biochemical activity in the brains of these teens.

We use these phones to watch Youtube videos of cats, check out our connections’ Facebook activities, check sports scores, send incessant text messages as opposed to talking to our friends/relatives, play electronic games and lots of other activities that in no way, shape or form, make us healthier.  Time spent on these activities actually take away time that could be better spent at the gym or doing some other physical activity.

So, I have decided to list just a few things as to how we can make use of these “smart” phones to help us achieve a healthier weight.

  • Use our SeroFit app (or other) to keep track of your weight and food intake
  • Use the alert feature to buzz you when it is time for a snack, meal or when to take your supplement or med
  • Make out a shopping list in the notes section and check this out as you are strolling the aisles of the supermarket
  • Read my blog to get your daily message to try to keep you focused on your weight control efforts
  • Surf the net for recipes that will make Phase 1 not seem as much mundane and boring
  • Use a fitness app to ensure your exercise time is maximized for effectiveness

There are a bunch of other uses of the smart phones that can help, rather than hinder your weight control efforts.  I would love to hear your comments about how you utilize your device to support your efforts.  Send those comments!

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