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How Can We Use Convenience To Lose Weight?

When I use the term “Convenience Store”, what image is conjured up?  Not a Whole Foods or Wegmans, but rather the local 7-Eleven store.  Why is this store “convenient”?  The answer is that you can park right in front, walk in quickly, pick up the few items that you need and get out withinminutes.  This is opposed to the much longer time it takes for the Whole Foods or Wegmans’ experience.

Let’s now broaden the term “convenience” as this applies to meals for you and the family.  It is much more convenient  to pop a store bought egg and cheese biscuit into the microwave than cook fresh eggs, much more convenient to drive through a McDonalds for lunch as opposed to preparing a protein and vegetable laden salad and much more convenient to pick some pizzas and subs up for the family dinner on the way home from work as opposed to getting home and start cooking a meal.  In these examples, “convenience” translates into derailing acts for effective weight control.

Now, let’s explore how “convenience” can actually be utilized to help support weight control efforts.  Here are a few examples:

  • Rather than think about/spend time on meal planning, go back and look at the sample meal plans at the back of the SP Dietary book.  Simply follow some/many of those sample meal plans for the SP phase you are following.
  • When shopping at the grocery store, find the heated section near the deli that has fresh chicken, turkey and meatloaf already made and simply needed to be heated up and served.
  • When grilling out or using the slow cooker, make extra protein that conveniently becomes a great lunch for you the next day.
  • Consider a fresh food delivery service (NOT prepackaged foods like Nutrisystems) that can bring high quality, protein filled meals to your house.

I am certain you can think about additional ways that “convenience” can be utilized to help, as opposed to hinder weight control.  Let us know your suggestions:

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