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How Can You Build Positive Momentum?

There is nothing more discouraging than attempting a long term journey to shed lots of weight and not see lots of results quickly.  Even though we all intellectually know that it doesn’t really matter whether you lose 1 pound a week for 40 weeks or 4 pounds a week for 10 weeks (both add up to 40 pounds of loss), we become much more excited when the weight is lost faster.  This is a human nature issue:  patience is often not present when it comes to losing weight.  If the weight is not coming off quick enough, frustration sets in.  This is followed by the “I give up” mentality and then all hope is lost for reaching a healthy/happy weight.

Building momentum requires a pretty strict adherence to Phase 1 of the SP dietary plan.  Following a very high protein/negligible carb intake will result in the ketogenesis resulting in lots of fat burning.  Not only will the weight come down fast but the body scan will show you that over 90% of what you are losing is coming from body fat.

The importance of building momentum is another reason why we use phentermine or other prescription appetite suppressants in the SP Program.  We realize that these medications are only short term in nature and will not play a role in long-term weight control success.  However, these provide a further “jump-start” to the initial weight control efforts resulting in more rapid weight loss.  This, in turn, builds momentum.

Fall is a great season to build momentum easily. It is a perfect time to get yourself in gear and start achieving your weight loss goal, before the major holidays. Also : 

  1. Cooler Weather is Great for Running;
  2. There’s Tons Of Delicious Fall Produce; 
  3. And It’s Also Slow Cooker Season; 
  4. It’s Easier to Get Back Into A Routine; 
  5. Race Season Is Officially Here; 
  6. Your Gym’s Not As Packed; 
  7. You Can Prepare for Those Extra Holiday Pounds. 

My father used to say “It takes money to make money”, implying that when people have money to invest, they can make even more money.  In the weight control arena, due to the importance of momentum, I will change this adage to:  “It takes weight loss to produce even more weight loss”.

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