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How Do You Deal With Disappointment?

We all share many emotions throughout our lifetime and one feeling that we all have experienced to a lesser or greater degree is “DISAPPOINTMENT”.  With one of the definitions of “DISAPPOINTMENT” being: “sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations”, here are some of the things/people that cause us to feel “DISAPPOINTMENT”:

  • Negative events that occur in our community/in the world
  • Loved ones that let us down by acting in certain ways that hurt us
  • Bosses/supervisors/co-workers that do not perform their jobs professionally/competently
  • Our favorite sports teams that lose important games
  • Disappointment in ourselves for not living up to our own expectations

Our response to feeling disappointed may go in several ways:

  • Shaking your head, feeling bad and doing nothing about it
  • Developing a resolve/commitment to change the situation causing us to feel disappointment into a better outcome

Here are some suggestions as to how to positively address feeling “Disappointed”:

  •   Be kind to yourself. It’s important to address your disappointments, but first you need to take care of you – in mind and body. ..
  •  Surround yourself with good people. … 
  •   Get your feel-good flowing. … 
  •  Take this as a learning experience. … 
  • Get back in the game

Specifically honing in on weight control:  There will always be “Disappointing” weeks/months/years when we are not at the weight we desire.  Once again, the healthiest approach is to follow those bullet points above, especially the concept of “Getting back into the game”.  Try to use your disappointment as a motivational force as opposed to a “I give up” mentality.

We will all feel disappointment at various times in our lives.  How we deal with these disappointments will play a major role in our long-term health and happiness.

And my greatest disappointment for the Academy Awards “Best Song” that did NOT win the award:   1996….The Winner was “You Must Love Me” by Andrew Lloyd Weber for the movie version of “Evita”.  The song I believe should have won….from one of my favorite Tom Hanks’ movie, “That Thing You Do”.

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