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How Does Pain Impact On Weight Control?

Who out there has never experienced physical pain?  I do not see any hands being raised.  We all have had bouts of pain during our lives.  From sore throats to minor falls to teeth issues to headaches to back pains….at some/many times in our lives physical pain has occurred.  As we age, episodes of physical pain seem to increase as our joints get more worn down over the years.

Pain really sucks.  When we are in pain, this pretty much takes away our ability to experience joy and happiness.  It is very difficult to focus on anything else when pain is constant.  Pain can be all-consuming.

Medications used to treat pain often produce a number of side effects.  When pain is severe and controlled substances are needed, these medications produce lots of fatigue, irritability and constipation.  Sever e pain issues are often made a bit more bearable with medications but never go away.

Weight control requires focus, discipline, counting portions, staying clear of alcohol and is helped greatly by exercise.  When someone is in a good amount of pain, there is very little chance that the affected person can focus on his/her weight control efforts.  The pain syndrome takes an emotional toll on the person as well, so often a person in pain reaches for food/drink sources that immediately gratify.  These foods/drinks tend to not be the ones compatible with the SP Plan.

Pain also in many cases, limits the affected person’s exercise capabilities. This of course is especially true when the pain is coming from weight bearing joints.  The lack of exercise further negatively impacts weight control.

On the other side, poor weight control will often exacerbate pain syndromes.  Lower back pain, which is probably the most frequent source of chronic pain, is made much better by effective weight control.  Conversely, weight control issues worsen lower back pains as well as hip and knee pains.

Alleviating pain helps with many “quality of life” issues.  Remaining steadfast in your weight control efforts can be of great help.

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